The Parent teachers association (P.T.A) began in early November 1996 under the chairmanship of Mr. Brimpong. Apart from about a three year gap the P.T.A has remained a vibrant and supporting group that has helped to create a cordial working relationship between the parents and management.  The P.T.A cannot be spoken about without mentioning the dedicated work of Rev. Edward Arcton in regards to its re-organization and the writing of its constitution. He was the chairman of the P.T.A and the executive body for over eight years. Apart from being a channel of redressing grievances, the association has sponsored or co-sponsored many projects in the school. Projects that come quick to mind are science equipment for the science laboratory in 2006, the annual  Best Teacher’s Award for preschool, primary and J.H.S departments and recently subsidizing the cost of the Hepatitis B screening and immunization of teachers, students and parents in September 2013.

PTA chairman Mr. Brimpong, and his executives during their term of office kept encouraging management to open up a primary department as they had all agreed that from the year 2000 they had no intention of transitioning their wards from the nursery to other primary schools. Management took up the challenge and built a block of three class rooms to house the admission of the first primary one class for the 2000-2001 academic year. The block was duly dedicated by Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe in August 2000.

After Rev. Edward Arcton, the subsequent P.T.A. chairman Rev. Ernest Ofori Ansah also distinguished himself by being very impartial and hard working. He and his team sought for fairness to management as well as the parents. Under his leadership many of our programmes were sponsored.  The new P.T.A chairman Rev. Love Amui was voted into office in September 2013. We believe he will also carry on the good work.