1. Annancy Brownies & Girl Guide:

The Annancy and Girl Guide of Sunflower School was formed in June 2006.  The club currently has a total number of eighty (80) pupils.

The purpose of Girl Guide is to provide the girls an opportunity for self-training in the development of character, responsible citizenship and service to their own and the world’s communities. It also help the girls to learn mutual respect, understanding, self-esteem and ways to support their communities, addressing issues affecting the lives of girls today as well as those of the communities. A number of invitations has been received from other sister clubs to collaborate to realization of the big goal of the Girls Guide.   

  1. Boys Scout/Cadet:

The formation of Boys Scout was on the 11th January 2018. A total number of 65 boys belonged to this club.  

The main vision/purpose for this club is to keep a disciplined mind and good physical posture. It is also to help other people and the country as a whole. The boys who wish to enter the military, the navy and the air force are usually those attracted to this club.

  1. The Brass Band:

The band was formed in July 2010 with fifteen (15) children under the leadership of Mr. MacDonald Nii Ayi Okine whom the children affectionately call Sir Mac.

The vision of the Brass Band are as follows:

  • To develop the hidden musical talents in the children in order to appreciate music with respect to playing of instruments, typically drums and horns. 
  • To sharpen them to read music and perform in high pedestal.
  • Promotes the value of good music in and out of the school environment.
  • Through regular training and performance, the children will develop their self-confidence sense of responsibility and character.


The band had collaborated with the school Cadet to perform during the school’s speech and prize giving ceremonies, outstanding among them was on the occasion of the school’s twentieth Anniversary celebration.  The band on behalf of the school had performed on many platforms like:

  • At a Christmas party at Dzorwulu Special School Special School and Frafraha Foster Home both in December 2011
  • Supported the zone six (6) inter-school procession from The Azumah Nelson sports complex to Kaneshie Polyclinic for a donation and back to the complex.
  • Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee honoured us to perform during her group musical show at the National Theatre in 2015 after witnessing our performance during the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the school.


The band with a currently strength of more than thirty five children comprising both primary and the JHS students desire to take the performance 

The main aim of Art and Craft Club is to nurture the creativity of pupil to be resourceful. The club honored various invitations including a church retreat organized by the Mount Calvary Cross Church and also the Recycle Up-Ghana, Legon.  During her visit to Ghana, the Queen of Belgium, Her Royal Majesty Mathilde, visited the Sunflower School in Accra to acquaint herself with a waste management project being carried out in the school by the Art and Craft Club.

The pupils took Queen Mathilde through a practical demonstration on how plastic waste could be used to produce beads and other artifacts.

 The project, dubbed: ” Recycle UP Ghana,” is being undertaken by the school in collaboration with Technology Without Borders Ghana, a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

  1. Creative Writers and Debaters Club

The Creative Writers and Debaters Club was formed in March 2017.  It has children enrollment of twenty three (23).

The main aim for forming this club is for the leaders to help build children confidence in public speech.  It is also to unearth hidden talents in the pupils.

The club performed during 2017 Speech and Prize Giving Day and 2017 Carol Service.

5. Culture, Drumming & Dancing

The Culture, Drumming and Dance club was formed in May 2009 and have a children population of thirty eight (38).

The main focus is to instill the traditional values and culture into the children.  The children are taught how to beat the drums and also how to dance some of the most rigorous and intricate traditional dances. 

  1. The Red Cross

Sunflower School has The Red Cross Club with 35 pupils as its members.

The main purpose of this club is to teach the children how to offer first aid to a casualty before transporting him/her to a hospital. It is also to impact on pupil their readiness to offer humanitarian services to all forms of people and is based on voluntary relief movement not inspired by financial gain